Thursday, November 28, 2013

Out for Early Morning Hunt

Sometimes I am so early in posting for the Wildflower Wednesday, but most of the time i forgot all about it. And this is one of those days, when i forget it totally, so I have to be quick. I searched for older photos from my already 'archived' external drive, I know there's a lot of  images still waiting there! Sure enough, a new set of wildflowers and landscapes emerge before me. They seem to be new, as if i haven't seen them before. I guess beauty can always evoke a new meaning of beauty!

I woke up early that day to look for some things to shoot, walked for about 10 min and waited for the sunrise. And while lingering around I noticed a different perspective, a landscape unfolding with its inhabitants.

Our sunrise in the province always come with the sea, because we are on a high ground.

The grasses are fully swaying with flowers, spikes with reddish brown florets dangling with pollen grains.

The flower spikes are very different in color than its yellowish hue background.

Despite the invisibility, I sense and know that billion pollen grains are soaring with the wind in the expanse of this meadow. Every stem of grass is ripe to fulfill its purpose of preserving its species, go forth and multiply!

Some closer scrutiny shows some distinct inhabitants far from their own kinds, as if they become the muse in the expanse of the landscape, or an intruder depending on your perspective. But this Mimosa diplotricha lone flower is beautiful among the ordinary.

At the next patch of growths are the blooms of this invasive species (Chromolaena odorata),  but it is loved by butterflies.

These are blooming spikes of another invasive species, that purposely made to attach to anything that lingered in their world. Those spikes are full of a lot of seeds, no need to convince you that this is invasive. 

At the side of the meadow are patches of this very ornamental-looking bushes. Those light green bracts contains the flowers, all hiding from public view. Those bracts eventually turn brown when the seeds mature. This is Flemingia strobilifera, or wild hops. 

Do you agree that an idle land is so full of life and beauty? I still haven't shown you the other inhabitants of this landscape, and you will be amazed when i will show you the smaller inhabitants. Stay tuned!


  1. Love the golden light in these shots.

  2. I remember those invasive plant with spikes and lots of seeds.
    Somehow when I was younger I marvel at the seed for it ability to latch itself on my pants.
    That time I used to run a lot in the fields.

  3. The grasses and mimosa are beautiful, as is the sunrise over the water.

  4. These are beautiful shots especially the first one and those grasses.

  5. Oh my, what beautiful scenes! The first sunrise photo is stunning, and then the plants you discovered are so fascinating, too. I always enjoy the shape, foliage, and flowers of Mimosa. Thanks for taking us along on your early morning walk.


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