Friday, March 24, 2017

Garden Residents Popped Again

 It is already very very dry and hot again. Our dry season just started in March, but the heat seems to already be in April-May, the height of our intense 2nd season. Here in Metro Manila the highest recorded temperature now is 31°C with Heat Index of 39°C. Can you relate to these conditions, when you are still expecting for spring, still in the midst of very cold winter? I remember reading something like, the hot countries will get hotter, while cold countries will even be colder! OMG, we are being punished! If this is not climate change, then what is inflicting us these conditions?

Anyway, enough of that, that is a human being talking. I wonder how the smaller garden creatures feel. They are still there, as if not feeling the heat. They just hid among the flowers or leaves. They seem to be just feeling great, as long as there is food.

This spider doesn't have the back abdomen marks as i posted before, with smiling faces, or scary old men's snare!

Larvae still eats available leaves, but that has to be in colder mornings, or else their bodies will not tolerate the oven-like temps. That right hoya leaf is the damage of that larva at the left.

This sphinx moth probably just emerged from the pupa, as the wings look great. However maybe that bald head is a result of bumping into something hard like glass window.
 A young praying mantis hopefully gets its prey, or hopefully will not be seen by its predator.
 These 2 photos are just pictures of only one spider. Above is taken towards the sky, while below is taken at its eye level.It just shows that expressions of anything only depends on the perspective of the onlooker. Top looks like that of an angry dog or angry old man. On the other hand the bottom looks like a smiling young creature, even with a ribbon on its head. So all of us don't judge immediately of what we see, let sometime pass until you change your perspective.

We are into perspective, so what do you see in the above photo. I will be very curious of what you think, or see, or feel, or what is your perspective. Please let me know. I will tell you the answer at the comments.

As for me......later!