Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Blooming in December

It is Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day again, which i forgot to do in November. It is not because we lack blooms like those in winter countries, but my time has been limited on weekends. The available time on Sunday mornings were even devoted to chasing butterflies, a hobby i have been passionately doing these past few months and years! Even attending to my hoyas become already the second priority. Some needs untangling, some needs media replacement, some have aphids or insect larvae, and a lot more problems. But they are relegated not only at 2nd, but to chance. Oh i am sorry about that, neglecting my otherwise is top priority.

So last Monday, i purposely got absent to have another morning for butterfly chasing, but it was drizzling and cloudy. Therefore, i have some hours for plant photos before leaving for the city again in the afternoon. So here are some of my blooms in a very scarse garden.

Two orchids: Dendrobium and Vanda
red cosmos-i planted this for the butterfly nectaring plants, but till now i still haven't seen any butterfly alighting on them

Celosia argentea 'Cristata' 

The flowers bloom at early evening, and the wind to the house was so sweet one night. So i got out and looked for the source, thinking there is a hoya that opened late, only to find out it was this Dracaena surculosa. 

Dracaena surculosa umbel

Hoya mindorensis

Hoya buotii (purple)

Hoya obscura

 Hoya multiflora

Hoya bicolensis
 Hoya siariae

Hoya siariae (yellow)