Thursday, November 16, 2017

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day November

It is almost the 15th of the month again, i need to post for the usual meem that every garden blogger waits for! It might not be the best time to show off our blooms and plants as they are already blooming since the start of the rainy season. Most of the annuals are already almost at maturity, and the perennials are not really that keen in producing reproductive parts. That is because we are approaching again the dry months in about two months.

So i am now gleaning on whatever bloom is available in the garden. 

a hibiscus flower inside the protected garden tried to escape for more light

it is now open, with slightly laced petals courtesy of the little one below

moths' larvae are everywhere, eating everything they can reach

this hippeastrum has been blooming a few times already this wet season

and we have some cockscomb blooms 

of course, Hoya multiflora is non-stop in blooming

one of the variants of Hoya buotii

the multiplier onion flowered already           

my first time to see an onion "pompom" here in our garden
squash is starting to flower and bear fruits. This one is so wide at 1 ft in diameter

These are Mimosa diplotricha flowers, pretty but the stems are loaded with thick thorns that entering a field with lots of these is impossible

the invasive Mimosa diplotricha

I just chanced on this wild plant while chasing butterflies. It is so pretty that did not escape my lens. 

this is also a weed, but it is lovely as well. It is favored by butterflies too.