Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wildflowers Parade

I've long wanted to join Wildflower Wednesday of Gail's Clay and Limestone. However, I always forget that it is up only at the last Wednesday of each month. So now that I was able to remember it before the appointed date, i will maximize the chance. And i will be putting most of the wildflowers i took early this month. So please bear with me, this is a parade! I posted the flowers followed by the plant, except for the last three photos!

This is Oxalis corniculata. It has been growing as weeds all around our property and very difficult to get rid off. But the dainty petite yellow flowers when plenty are lovely too. 

This is the luxuriant growth of this weed. Wikipedia says it is also called sleeping beauty or creeping wood sorrel. And it is reported there that the leaves can be eaten too, with tangy taste of lemons. The leaves can be infused into hot water, sweetened, chilled to make as a drink and rich in vitamin C. But there is a warning, that eating the leaves in large quantities for a long time can inhibit calcium absorption. Oh that is quite interesting, but i guess our own kamias or Averrhoa bilimbi also has that characterestics.

 The porter weed or snake weed, Stachetarpheta jamaicensis, is really a weed in our area, both in function and in habit. No one seems to mind it but I and the butterflies. We both love it.

 The luxurious growth at a meadow during my walk for the sunrise shots.

 This newly opened bloom looks so auspicious, but i haven't seen any butterfly alighting on it. It is the flower of the invasive and obnoxious

 The insects, just like me, are also scared of those many sharp thorns. If a bigger animal enters this thicket, i wonder if he will still come healthy! Mimosa diplotricha

Lovely against the blue sky, this grass towers among its neighbors.

In a few days it will be ripe and will spread havoc in the vicinity including our gardens. NOID

This is a small grass, almost just 2 ft in height, but it also glistens against the morning sun. NOID

I am about to look for open pink flowers on that plant at the right, however it might still open a little later. And it seems that two of us wait for the bloom to be ready, this butterfly for the nectar and I for the photo.

This is not a wildflower anymore, but a collection of wild fruits. They look like miniature tamarind, with a mimosa-like leaves. I am sure this is also a legume, just that i don't know the ID. Those fruits sway gracefully with the wind. I am late for their flowers.


I would like to join this post also to Two Questions Thursday Meme, for the first time. Here are my two questions:
          1. Will i attempt to eradicate all these weeds in our garden these dry season, hoping they will not show 
              up next year rainy season?
          2. Or should I remove most of them and just leave the first weed, the least obnoxious among them? 

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  1. I think it's important to show folks the invasives and I appreciate that you have. They are almost always attractive or we wouldn't plant them, but oh such trouble makers. We have some that have naturalized to the point that gardeners believe them native. Queen Anne's Lace is one and several legumes that flower beautifully, but aggressively. Your grass shot against the sky is beautiful. gail

  2. I very much enjoyed your parade of wildflowers. Some 'weeds' can be very beautiful indeed.

  3. What a wonderful wildflowers parade! Your photos are beautiful..

  4. Great photos, I really love the porterweed flower.

    Thank you for telling me about the ceasarweed in my blog. I believe it might be considered an invasive. I pull up most of them but let one or two bloom. They are rather easy to pull up.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  5. I've seen all these weeds and wild flowers my whole life. I'm so glad to have checked out this post of yours as now I'm in the know of their ID's.

  6. beautiful flower photos can be seen here with you ...

  7. I love how you captured the fine details in your photography - nice job! I think you just have to do what you feel comfortable with in regards to your personal gardening. I have a black, instead of green thumb when it comes to plants. Part of this I can blame on our poor soil conditions, but even if that wasn't a problem then I would kill everything, no doubt. Welcome to T2Q!

  8. These are beautiful! I wish I always know the names of flowers!

    I'd weed.

    Happy Thursday!

  9. Some of those weeds look quite lovely, but I know how invasive supposedly pretty weeds can be! Oxalis is quite the weed in my garden - after awhile, I pretty much gave up trying to pull them!

  10. Lovely photos! I love the first one.

  11. i've encountered all these weeds in my grandfather's farm. we always played with the "makahiya" Mimosa diplotricha. i also have photos of the snake weed but didn't know what they're called until i saw them here.:p

  12. They are lovely even though know I will say get rid of them if you can or they will keep growing...I have many but can only keep after a few ....

  13. I enjoyed looking at all these super photos very much, thank you!

  14. With plants and people, there is no correlation between beauty and goodness.

  15. Your flowers are refreshing and beautiful.

  16. Hi there, some of them are so pretty up close, but I know they could be very invasive and obnoxious. I would keep the prettier ones that are no so obnoxious! Smiles, thanks for joining us this Thursday. Amanda

  17. Lovely photos! I have many weeds around our property, too, that in season are quite pretty. I just try to keep them out of my flowerbeds. It's true that one man's weed is another's wildflower!


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