Friday, April 1, 2016


I am sure many of you already remember me saying that most of our flowers are all in very loud colors, as in yellows to oranges to reds. Sometimes i also almost complain that these loud colors are somehow boring my eyes. Somehow i wish to see more violets and blues, but they are very seldom seen especially during our dry season. We started our heat, scorching heat, in March. Our Easterlies that bring slightly cold air are now "ëxtinct", and we cannot feel anymore the air moving. At least we still have air to breath, lol.

Our temperature today in Metro Manila is 34°C with Heat Index of 38°C! Can you imagine how 38C feels? Our mitigating measure is just to stay indoors with the air conditioners. I am thankful that i still have work and the office provides for electricity bills.

So.....with those temperatures and scorching heat outside, will you still want to look at the colors of these flowers? They even aggravate my feelings of heat. By the way, these are all in my garden in the province and not in Metro Manila where i work. Despite the heat they are blooming profusely. They love the direct sun.

Ixora javanica

 Hoya valmayoriana

Hoya benguetensis (taken at night)

Pentas lanceolata


  1. Hot colours belong to a hot country I think, they are beautiful!

  2. But, you have those vibrant greens to complement the orange-red-yellow...

  3. Yes, I have experienced those temperatures--even here in the U.S. Midwest. Fortunately, when it happens here it usually only last for a few days. But we get the extremes, for sure, with a range from -29C (-20F) in the depths of winter to 38+C (100F) in the summer. And we are humid in the summer. So, I understand to some extent. But it must be tough when the heat drags on. I actually enjoy those bright colors of flowers. I also like the cooler tones, too! Your photos, as always, are amazing! Stay cool!

  4. Gorgeous colours! They remind me of fire.

  5. Wonderful selection of oranges, Andrea.
    Many thanks for participating in the Floral Friday Foto meme, I hope to see your entry in this week's edition also!

  6. So you have all the heat...send some this way, could you? Love those hot orange colors...


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