Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cat's Businesses

We have a few cats. Neutering is not common here, it is costly and our place is far from the veterinarian in the city who does that. Our cat brood easily increase, so we have several generations. Sometimes other people ask for some kittens, and some die of either disease or maybe snake bites. There are times also when a stray male cat just entere our house and killed whatever kitten he found there. It happened 3 times, and it seemed to know very well when there are newly born kittens. We got so mad of the ambush, but we cannot catch that murderer. It is so dexterous in hiding and escaping. It doesn't eat the newborns though, just kill them. I haven't studied cat culture and psychology, so i am still ignorant.

Our oldest cat, Pusa, already died last month. She is the most responsible mother cat we've known. She was with us for more than 9 years. I don't know if that is a long life for a cat or not, but we surely loved it. She not only fed her own but sometimes also fed her grandkits, whenever her own kit is irresponsible. She has maybe 2 or 3 own kits which are irresponsible mothers. We wished that these irresponsible mothers are the ones who died first. Probably, Pusa raised cat brats! 

Pusa had many kits.  (Older post with Pusa) Denise is the sister of Roxan and Bhong, the last was a male who was lost in kitfancy. The 2 kitsters are both with us. Denise's has a daughter named Nonim (from no name). And Denise is already a grandcat for Baby Nonim, making Pusa the GRAND grand cat. Don't laugh yet for our name creativity. They ran out of names. I will show you some latest hunting finds for the mother-daughter tandem. 

 Can you imagine our disgust in seeing this? We are scared of gecko, but Nonim is not.

 We don't want to get near it, we just watched! 

 Look at that gecko, it is big! 

 After sometime she left, maybe the gecko is already dead. We wondered where she is heading.

Apparently, it went to the other door to show her catch to her kitty, Baby Nonim. Sorry, i wasn't able to take their photo. 

 Baby Nonim is very curious too. If i will allow it, she will run off with my fish.

 She got lessons from her mother, to hunt around and inside the bushes.

She must climb or jump if need be!

Be discreet, hide and jump for the aim! And she is learning fast. 
Look at that stance, ready to pounce. 

Just looking at their play and antics already use up my limited time. I try to ignore them, but they have the habit of always being near you. Baby Nonim is still at playfulness stage, as in making circles playing with its own tail. If this happens, i can't ignore it. I watch it full time.  Now, i must go and tend to my hoyas.