Saturday, April 22, 2017

Camera Pets!

My niece always wants to pose for the camera since she was a kid. That hasn't diminished through the years. Because of the digital technology and the easy access to photos with celfones, she has lots of them. I wonder why these days the so called millenials are so fond of taking their own photos. It is almost like second thoughts to them to raise their fones, smile and click.

I am not fond of taking people's photos, only for special occassions, on trips as tourists to say we were there, or when obliged in group pictures. But i seldom stay in front, nor be prominently displayed in focus. I noticed that there are also older people who take their own photos seemingly like they are still young, or mimick the actions of the millenials. I laughed at the word selfie, groupie, and i chuckled at the words by an Indian blogger friend "doublefie". Oh how easy we are in coining words, they come with the times, but very functional.

Back to my niece. She knows i don't like to take much of her photos anymore. She already graduated from college and already working. So in the following pictures she took someone to go with her. She was able to oblige me even without words. There i am hooked to click!

 We have 2 mother goats, and they both have newly born pair of kids.

 they are pets and the kids come to the house when hungry

 They even smell better than dogs, even if they don't bathe. And look
 at those soft eyes, they are so lovable and endearing.

 my niece and nephew always hug them at this young age

These are the brown pair from Goat Mom One, and Goat Mom Two has a pair of blacks, the same style as the browns. One of them is purely black and the twin has white.