Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Leaf Shadows

I found this draft that is exactly done today's date 5 yrs ago. This serves as my initial post for 2019. 

The public barangay road circuitously divided our small property, just because the barangay captain is my mother's brother, and other owners do not want their properties diminished by the road. My father cannot reject his brother-in-law, so as destructive as it may, disregarding the other better passes, ours have more area to the road than what is left for us!

Be that as it may, the road did not give us more advantage. More than the obvious fact if decreased area, we cannot develop anything productive because it is not contiguous anymore. The area is sloping on both sides and our house is left at the center of the undulating road. The truth is disapponting, actually disgusting. But what what was left for us is just that with some resentment.

The photo taken 5 years ago of that area is still the same now. Maybe this is the only road in the barangay which is fully cool due to already tall trees on both sides. Whew!