Friday, February 17, 2017

Critters, critters!

Garden Critters

I looked for the meaning of critters, and found that it is an informal word for any living creature, from a wolf to a spider! Oh so it would be correct to put what i am thinking of in this post. Originally, i thought it only refers to the small animals like the insects or spiders. I am glad i checked it first, that is the beauty of the digital age, and that Google is just a click away!

 I have been following this inside the room one morning, it bumped several times into the closed glass window. Then it dropped to the floor, i guess it died. Sorry! Or probably it got hit when something got its hind wings, a big part is torn.

 PALM KING, Amathusia phidippus

This is probably its partner, although i am not aware how to distinguish the sexes. It is not a butterfly but a moth, a big moth.
 This one is also a moth, but i completely do not know its ID

 a small butterfly on a Turnera ulmifolia flower

PYRALID MOTH, Doloessa sp(Pyralidae; Galleriinae)

Can you see the owner of this long house? Of course it is a spider, the web is there.

I touched it, and suddenly it crawled upward leaving a space at the middle. There you can see it on top of the long house. The long house is a decoy to show the predators that it might be big, or so that the predators will not see where the real spider is located. The house provides for a good mimic.