Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Awesome Finds in October 2016

Everyone who follows or read my posts or in Facebook know that i go home only on Saturday after lunch and back to the big city again on Sunday afternoon. That only leaves a few hours for me to tend the hoyas, other plants, eat sleep and take photos. Somehow, weekends are not relaxing anymore, as after hours of travel there still are a lot of things to do. I tell you i cannot even go online or reply to some text messages. Even the eye drops that i must regularly do in 4-hour intervals have to be cued by alarms. I sleep late trying to pollinate some hoyas in bloom, which till now is not giving me positive results. My back aches due to bent positions while magnifying the pollinia and trying to put them in the stigma of the mother flower. Oh My God, am i too busy?  My weekends surely occupy all of my time.

But please do not think of these as complaints, i assure you i am just stating facts. The truth is i appreciate all of these. They make my soul occupied and happy. More so, if on the side i still can photograph some critters and butterflies. Never mind if my meals are late, nor can i sip a cup of coffee. These things satisfy me, unless they don't, according to Neal Donald Walsh.

 above butterfly is only half a centimeter in length

a bagmoth inside its house before it becomes an adult, very good camouflage

 a spider maybe smaller than a centimeter

a very young praying mantis without the wings yet

can you see the mother praying mantis above, i also saw it just in the picture

Mud urns as nests of a wasp species. Only 1 egg is deposited in one nest together with a mummified larva of another insect that serves as food when the wasp egg emerges from the egg.

  We have lots of different types of spider web, in the past i have already blogged them.  This one seems different, i guess those knobs in a straight line are the insects caught there whose juices are already sipped by the owner of the web. 

 And this is my most awesome find, a very well camouflaged larva which blended favorably with the  trunk plus lichens. It is already static there probably about to pupate. Below are the anterior and the posterior close-up shots. It actually is facing downwards. Nature is really awesome