Monday, September 26, 2016

Art in a Hibiscus

Gumamela, that is our local term for  Hibiscus rosa-sinensis! This is a plant that has been with all of us since we were born, and our grandparents were born. It can be called a heirloom plant. It can be found everywhere, at different colors, different leaves and different varieties. Some are planted as hedges at the margins of the property, some allowed to grow tall as tall shrubs, some fully manicured topiaries, and some in very beautifully pedestal pots. But many of these local varieties are just taken for granted, left growing at the sides, eaten by stray animals especially goat kids, and didn't receive any care from human beings. But they still strive to live, come rainy season nor long dry season! And that is how tolerant and resistant the gumamela plant is to us.

We have a plant relegated to the sides just like what i mentioned. But i know it has to be loved, cared for and given attention. The following shows some of the characteristics of even just a gumamela flower. And i am sure, there still are many angles i haven't shown. And the whole plant is much more useful than what we see! But please excuse me if this plant might be a hybrid, as i didn't know. It has been there for quite a while, as if it is a native!