Friday, April 4, 2014

My Hot Environment

Hello my blogfriends! I have not been posting lately due to a few trips evaluating some projects in the provinces. And i am sure most of you also experience this, that after a while you feel like taking a vacation first from the blogworld. Sometimes, i get this feeling, maybe we can put a name to it. It is not a burnout yet at least. And whenever i take some exciting photos i think about my blogsite again. Sometimes though, i feel a little guilty that i am not visiting your posts as often as i should. But i guess each one of us understands that as well. So, i am alive again trying to elicit some comments again from you. And when the blogblood flows through my lazy consciousness, there is always some adrenaline rush that keeps most of us going. How are you blogfriends?

 Our dry season just started this month, but it feels like we are already in it for a long time. Imagine starting the season at 33-35°C in the mornings! That gets to at least 37°C at mid-day. I am happy i don't need to go out outside the office building the whole day, because it really is scorching hot.

Despite these conditions, some flowers still bloom, like this marigold at home in the province. Of course you know i stay in the big city during weekdays, but i blog about our garden and plants in my hometown.

The Sanchezia speciosa always blooms at the beginning of the dry season. They are lovely as long as i can minimize the attack of meally bugs. When that happens and they stick within the recesses of the buds, i just cut the spikes and put them to dry under the scorching sun.

 This Crossandra infundibuliformis loves it with a little shade, and it never stops blooming. I put its pot under the lantana bush topiary. With a little watering when my mother remembers it provides a good show, which is beautiful i agree, nevertheless adds more heat to the feeling. Dont' you think so?

And to share with you my orange-hot surroundings, this is our view of the sunrise. I went out of bed at 5:30am purposely to catch it. The bright orange morning is a prelude to the very hot sun the whole day! I lingered awhile before coming back to the house for the morning coffee, and at 7:00am i am already perspiring! Do you believe me now? It is really hot here...i told you so!!!


  1. Well, I have to admit I wouldn't mind a little heat. I'm sure it gets old, but it has been so cold here this year that I'm ready to wear shorts and T-shirts and sundresses. We get that hot here (up to about 37C) some days in the summer, but it usually doesn't last longer than a few days, and our nights are cooler (15C to 21C). When it gets as warm as your temperatures are now it saps your energy though, doesn't it? Swimming in a pool all day in that weather sounds nice. ;-) Your bright orange flowers are beautiful, though!

  2. Beautiful photos!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Heart [and body]-warming images. Congratulations on your beautiful and multi-layered catch of the sunrise. Those clouds arrived in time to add interest to the sky.

  4. oh i'm just great and understanding exactly as you stated, enjoyed my visit; have a nice Friday

    much love...

  5. Andrea, I don't think you should feel obliged to post regularly on your blog. It should be something that you do when you feel like you have something you want to say!
    It is lovely to see your bright flowers. I wish we could arrange to share some of our weather with each other. It has been cold, damp and grey here for months now. April is when it should start to warm up, but not this year! Yesterday I went for a walk in the hills for my work. It was 7 degrees, windy, raining and visibility was down to less than 50 metres in the fog! There has to be a happy compromise somewhere between your weather and ours!

  6. Beautiful pictures :-)
    Both blogging and gardening are supposed to be relaxation and surplus, not another"must". If so, one have to take a break - and come back when you cannot let it be!

  7. Beautiful flowers and a stunning sunrise. Enjoy your weekend!


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