Thursday, January 24, 2013


 Wildflowers have always been fascinating, although not many here in the tropics fall for their beauty. True enough beauty is really in the eye of the beholder, and maybe I am just one of the very few who even notice them. Most people whose preoccupations are attached to the soil noticed them for their obnoxious behaviors, understandable because they compete with crops. But someones waste is always another's treasure, and in this situation i am the "another".

Stachytarpheta jamaicensis

I noticed only the above weed in adult life, as they have blue flowers and really loved by butterflies. Blues being not a common color in the tropics, these provides the color i love most. Aside from these functions, i don't yet know any of their uses.

Plumbago indica syn Plumbago rosea

This might not be considered a weed because they are not prominently growing anywhere, but in our property it is a weed. My definition of weed is undomesticated, growing profusely in mostly marginal areas, normally invasive, and not taken care of. At least in our property, this beautiful flowering plant i consider as weed. It might just have wandered around and escaped domestic care, thrive well somewhere and now growing marginally outside our considered 'garden'. At least it provided color contrasts in an otherwise boring corner lot.

 This is a real weed, in all definitions of weeds both technical and laymen's. They are growing anywhere in marginal areas. And they compete with crops in farmers field. In our area, it grows on the street sides and i love photographing them. It is one of the first growths when the first rains come after the long dry season. However, i still don't know its ID.

This is another NOID growing among the 'carabao' grasses. The showy part of the flower is about just 1cm in length. My 35mm macro lens cannot get a good magnification because it is creeping on the ground. The slight wind around its micro climate did not help my focusing! But being purplish, i surely love it!


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  1. i've seen the purple wildflower in the fields since i was a kid. i have a couple of photos but they're blurry.:p i used to take wildflowers for granted, too, but when photography became a hobby, i took notice of everything--this drives my friends and family crazy! hahaha

    the red plumbago is beautiful--i wish i could go to your place in mabini and bring home plants/flowers for my mom, she has the green thumb.:p

  2. I have the purple porterweed and a salmon colored one as well. The butterflies love them. I've never seen a red plumbago, that is gorgeous.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  3. Beautiful wildflowers. Not many people here appreciates their beauty, which is a pity. I've yet to see a red plumbago here in Malaysia.

  4. I also love blue flowers, that first wildflower is stunning.

  5. I also like wild flowers, we have lots of them in Norway. Some I let grow in flower beds because they are so beautiful.

  6. Beautiful and I love the red flower!

  7. i love wildflowers. and spring is the season for them. i cannot wait to go wildflower hunting/photographing this year.

  8. The Plumbago rosea is quite lovely. It's hard to believe it's aweed. :)

    Blue flowers are not very common here in Canada either.

  9. Love your beautiful flower pictures!!


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