Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oxygen Generator Consumers

You might be thinking why these animals are also posted here, they are not Oxygen Generators! Yes they are not, they should not be here! But we have a few native goats in our property, so i guess there should be some correlation with them to be included. They are Oxygen Generator consumers, because they love grass, so will that suffice?  But do you know that goats are not like sheep that love grazing on grasses! I guess you could say that goats are more discriminating.  When given grasses or plant feeds in their shed, they only want to eat those put slightly above their heads. I wonder too why they love to stretch their neck fully when eating. The farther the feed to get, the more they prefer that feed. It actually has long been an amusement for me, and till now i don't know the reason! 

When cut grasses are put on the ground before giving them to the goats, they wont eat that, wont matter even if they are hungry! If a goat has already eaten a live grass on the prairie, another one will not eat the leftover. The second one will choose a patch not touched by another. If you don't call that discriminating, i don't know what is!
 I wonder too why they look so sad even if they are not hungry!

These are native goats, so smaller than the hybrids. But they are more resistant to environmental conditions and diseases as well. Moreover, they can live on natural grasses and weeds unlike the hybrids that must be fed with commercially prepared feeds.

I really wonder why goats always look so sad! Anybody guess?

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  1. Sweet looking animals. Maybe they aren't sad, just bored.

  2. Goats are strange creatures! I suppose the fact that they like to climb to the highest place they can find might have something to do with the 'above their heads' food. You're right, they do look sad.

  3. Such cute captures! They look innocent to me.

  4. Adorable photos! I didn't realize they were so picky at feeding time!

  5. I've thought that goats are not discerning eaters because as a child I've seen them eat almost anything. Maybe Malaysian goats are not as picky as the Filipino ones :)

  6. Wonderful shots ~ beautiful goats ~ they look more quizzical to me than sad ~

    (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

    ps ~ am your latest GFC follower ^_^

  7. Hello Angela! They look quite angelic. I'd forgotten what they look like. God, I miss life in the province. Happy blogging Angela! I love going through your old posts from time to time. Regards, Karmi

    1. Hi Karmi, you seem to have forgotten my name, hehe! I went to your blogspot, but none in there. What is happening? best regards...Andrea

  8. I always think of goats as being surly, not sad. Maybe that's because when I lived on a farm there was a goat that would always try to bite you, except he would do it so slowly there was never any danger.

  9. I think they look peaceful yet fussy as you say!

  10. I wonder if their heavily lidded eyelids serve some purpose while they are browsing and give them that kind of sad look. It is nice to know that the native goats are so much better suited to their landscape..Thank you for linking in Andrea.,..cute post... Michelle


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