Saturday, October 14, 2017

Bloom Day in October 2017

I have not been going home for 2 weekends now! That means a disappointment, as i don't have the chances to photograph the butterflies, the insects and spiders in the property and a lot more. I also don't have the opportunity to tend to my hoyas, which are already behaving like they are in a forest. Some needs food, some needs to change the media, some needs to be disentangled from their neighbors. Two weeks is enough for them to embrace tightly their growing shoot stems to whatever handles they meet in their vicinity. But that is my circumstances, so bear with it.

Because i don't have my flower photos at the moment, i will be posting mostly hoyas blooming at the start of this month.

Hoya pubicalyx (different form of leaves and flowers)

 Hoya pubicalyx

 Hoya valmayoriana (named from Dr. Helen Valmayor, an orchidist, professor)

 Hoya mindorensis (from the province of Mindoro)

 Hoya pubicorolla ssp. anthracina

 Hoya ilagiorum (named from Ilag family, educators and intellectuals)

Hoya (? still unidentified)

 Hoya 'Viola'

Hoya buotii (purple)

Hoya buotii (purple) (named from Dr. Inocencio Buot, a botanist professor)

 Hoya buotii (yellow with dark corona)

Hoya siariae (named from late Dr. Monina Siar, a plant breeder and collector)

 Hoya campanulata

Hoya surigaoensis (collected from the province of Surigao)

Hoya diversifolia already climbed our lanzones tree

not hoya but hedge of Impatiens balsamina, with a purple vanda on top

a lovely show of grass blooms at the edge of the property with the morning sun glow


  1. I always look forward to your tropical flower photos, especially as winter is on its way where I live.

    1. Thanks much Al for always dropping by. Yes while you are in winter and we get rhe coldest temp, it is still hotter than your summer! And yes our flowers are still here.

  2. All of the hoya photos are gorgeous and with such a variety of color. The last photo of the grass--oh so beautiful!

    1. Yes hoyas are beautiful at whatever color, so it is famous with temperate country gardeners. They even grow them in special rooms indoors. And their hoyas look more beautiful than what we have here in the open in normal habitats.

  3. Those hoya blooms are fascinating and I love the grass blooms. I have several kinds of grass blooming in my garden at the moment.

    1. Thanks Dorothy. Those grasses are colonizers at the end of the property, i just noticed them because of the sunlight striking them a bit differently at the back.

  4. Words cannot describe the beauty of these flowers - so delicate, so varied, so ethereal. You are blessed, even if you are away from home :-)

  5. Hi! Very beautiful. We have the same kind of flowers in southern islands.

    1. You should have taken more photos of the hoyas there. I wonder why not many people know that, as it is not in the literatures. Are you sure they are native to the area?


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