Saturday, December 10, 2016

Critters on my Hoya

Hoya ilagiorum is one of the most prolific of the hoyas. After the blooms dehisce, it starts preparing for the buds again, and in a few weeks blooms appear once more. It also has a slight aroma that is not actually bad, but not also very prominent to the senses. It blooms in the afternoon and remains open for 3-4 days. Some hoya species rest for a while from blooming, but this one never fails to delight us. And of course, its color is very attractive.

a typical Hoya ilagiorum umbel

last week i saw some flowers without the corona, or those whitish stars protruding from the corolla

I searched inside the umbel, and this very small larva about 2 cm in length is the culprit. I removed it and put in a farther place. Unfortunately, some chickens followed me and saw it. That was a food chain happening before me. 

The other umbel just newly opened, and this butterfly cannot resist its scent and nectar. The nice thing about this butterfly is its lingering habit, not always fluttering rapidly like the others. It is friendly to the camera and delightful for me. Idiopsis juventa manillana

Even if my time is very much occupied, if the butterflies alight on the hoya, i cannot resist taking their pictures. I felt like it was my reward for so much time devoted to the hoyas, neglecting to chase the butterflies. But if they are together, then i can have both in one shot, 2 birds in one stone!


  1. Hello Andrea, your hoya is beautiful. I love the pretty butterfly and the caterpillar. Great find and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Beautiful macro shots of our tiny 'critter' friends ~ thanks.

    Wishing you days of contentment ~ ^_^

  3. What a lovely butterfly and you managed to get some great pictures of it.

  4. Your Hoyas are always a joy to see. And that butterfly ... on the flowers! Wow! I looked it up and it is a brush-footed butterfly in the same family and subfamily as our Monarchs in North America. Thanks for sharing this beauty!

  5. Beautiful hoya!! I love their spicy fragrance and waxy texture. Gorgeous butterfly too.

  6. you managed to get a story with your beautiful HOYA. Also love the gorgeous butterfly. A beautiful pair.

  7. They so go together - your beautiful Hoya and the butterfly, thank you for sharing their beauty!

  8. Yes Klara, I am lucky that I was near the hoya when the butterfly came in.


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