Thursday, October 29, 2015

Flowers of Hoya diversifolia

I have not been taking photos lately. My weekends are always so short and always lacking in time. I arrive home normally after lunch from the big city where i stay weekdays, and at 3 or 4pm Sunday i leave home again to be back to the cement jungle and to the 5th Floor of the condominium where i live. Most of the time i stay late at night doing garden chores and wake up early direct to the hoya garden. I am already there even before having coffee and breakfast. Hoyas, i confess, are getting most of my time. It entails a lot of work, i am tired but i enjoy it. My hands got dirty, my legs ache, my eyes got so overworked, but still i love them.

Photography now takes second place. Butterflies, lots of insects and spiders roam around, but i seem oblivious of them. Oh how i miss photographing those butterflies. When they enter the hoya garden, then i somehow can take their photos. But that is not often, so i lack butterfly photos this year. Again, this seems hard work, but i enjoy it.

Hoya diversifolia flowers in an umbel. It was just washed with strong rain, so the usually oozing nectar is not seen now. In a few hours there will be nectar again.

This Hoya diversifolia is planted about 3 years ago when i got disappointed in seeing a supposed-to-be a hoya sanctuary in a resort. After returning to our place i immediately planted this to climb our lanzones tree in front of the house. This bottom parts of the hoya are exposed to the sun, those leaves get so yellow and wilted during the dry season. It is the rainy season so the leaves resurrect and get a bit greener. It doesn't receive watering at all.

This NE part of the canopy shows a lot of consecutive peduncles on the vines.  I was able to take direct level photos by climbing our rooftop. It is nice to look at long strings of blooming umbels.

 Branches that tend to drop from the branches produce lots of blooming umbels too.

 This phase of the 2 adjoining lanzones trees fronts the house, and the vines already transfered to the 2nd lanzones tree at the left.  A few lanzones fruit bunches are starting to ripen. This year it is not laden with more fruits unlike last year. The lanzones tree is not fertilized so it gives biennial fruiting.

 the same portion of the trees at wider angle

 this photo was taken during the typhoon showing the branches moving with the wind

 a migrating vine with long growth shows consecutive blooming peduncles

another nook with lots of blooms

The hoya vines already reached the canopy of one side, stems still 
conquering more portions of the tree. It is amazing how prolific this 
hoya is in our country. I guess that is because it is native here and needs 
no acclimatization to bloom fully.


  1. Lovely pictures. It is interesting to see the whole plant and how it climbs all over the tree.

  2. What a fascinating plant! The flowers are incredibly beautiful!

  3. As house plant I have never seen a Hoya flower!

  4. You have such a beautiful, tropical garden. It's so different from my part of the world - I love it!

  5. Love your jungle paradise! Am specially amazed at how resourceful you can be to go on your rooftop, just to get a good photo spot of your hoyas! Someday, let's do this together, my friend!

  6. Beautiful. We grow them as houseplants here. (Mostly the white ones) Have a nice weekend.

  7. Oh my! Such a beautiful and photogenic plant. Your hard work pays off is such a lovely way.

  8. That is certainly a very adventurous Hoya, Andrea! Lovely shots.
    Many thanks for taking part in the Floral Friday Fotos meme.

  9. I can see why you spend so much time in the hoya garden...fabulous.


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