Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weeds Really?

For Clay and Limestone: Wildflower Wednesday

Vernonia cinerea (above and below). This weed is commonly growing in marginal lands or on roadsides. The branching and thin plant is short at only around one foot tall. It is just attractive because of the purple minute flowers. This is reported to have anti malarial properties as shown by this studies.  

As the flower matures and about to dehisce, the seedheads are spherical and lovely.

NOID (above and below)

Tawa-tawa or gatas-gatas, Euphorbia hirta, is an indigenous roadside weeds common anywhere in the country. There is a folkloric tradition that it is effective in increasing platelets of dengue patients backed by personal experiences. However, concrete data to substantiate these claims have not been shown by research. Authorities on this are still expanding their research at the moment. Despite this, some enterprising companies are already selling capsules online.

close-up of Euphorbia hirta




  1. We have a couple of pretty weeds here too, but the problem is that they take over the native vegetation. Nice shots!

  2. We have some species in the Vernonia genus that we call Ironweeds. They grow very tall and like wet soils.

  3. The close-ups are fantastic! Great shots.

  4. Beautiful photos!
    I've often wondered who decided that one plant was a flower and another one was a weed.
    Happy Wildflower Wednesday!
    Lea's Menagerie

  5. Vernonias are pretty! I have a couple in my garden. Interesting info about the Euphorbia! Will be interesting to see if research backs up those anecdotal claims. Happy Wildflower Wednesday!


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