Saturday, April 27, 2013

Best Friends

I went out one hot morning to shoot whatever i find interesting. It was really hot even at nine o'clock in the morning. I was busy waiting for some butterflies to alight on the plants, some insects to come out from hiding under the leaves. But of course it is already hot, so they will be hiding. I passed the shadow of the big raintree, covering a big portion of the street. The cemented street was also covered mostly by fallen leaves and some dried pods. I keep on going, still searching for some subjects. When i looked back to the shade of the raintree, i saw a lone bicycle. A few meters from it are two individuals frolicking with each other, cooing  loudly, they even produce some sounds, very typical for their mutual bonding.

And these are the series of shots i got while watching them.

 a bunch of cogon, Imperata cylindrica on the roadsides

 a dehisced pod of the raintree

 the lone bicycle under the raintree

 friends oblivious of my watching presence

 they have a firm bond with each other as they grow together 

 Jopet is Allen's first dog, he had it when he was 5 yrs old. Jopet is a dog who leaves outside the house. He is guarding not only the household but also everybody's pets like cats, chickens and goats. He can kill big visitors in the farm like monitor lizards or snakes. Here, Allen is 10 and Jopet is 5.

Jopet does what Allen wants him to do! Jopet wants to follow Allen wherever he goes, unless Allen strictly scold him to go back home. Here, Allen saw me watching from a distance.

 Allen doesn't want being watched, so he suddenly got his bicycle. 

They both hurriedly went home, Jopet following Allen. I just followed them as well. Now Allen is 15 and Jopet went to dog heaven when he was 8. Allen was so sad when Jopet died, and even until now, the kids still talk about him.

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  1. They are old photos? I was getting confused by your timeline. Was this a memory of seeing the dog and his master when you saw the lone bike?

    1. Sorry about that Donna, am sorry my post is confusing. They are old photos, as i mentioned at the end, Allen is now 15 and the dog died 2 years ago! I really wish i write better, haha!

  2. How sweet the pictures of Allen and Jopet. Stay cool.

  3. That dog sounds great, they really are special animals. Mine turned 8 a few weeks ago.

  4. To answer your question, the first photo was taken with a Sigma 10-20mm wide-angle lens on my Nikon D40X, at 10mm.

  5. A sweet vignette, a boy and his dog!

  6. Wonderful shots of a boy and his dog. Great dogs live on in our memories.

  7. What adorable shots of the best friends!

  8. I love dog, they are the best of friends. Great series!

  9. Very nice memories. Knows Allen about this wonderfu photos? He will love them!


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