Sunday, June 28, 2015

A White Moth

I chanced upon this moth on the wall. It is about 2 cm in length, and because it's daytime it maybe is sleeping. Its feet are firmly anchored on the wall though. I tried to pry it away from the wall, but it didn't budge. I also tried to scare it so it gets defensive and might open its wings, however it didn't allow me to see its wonderfully colored body.

I love how it mimicked those 2 black eyes, which are only decoys for their predator as if it is very big.

 That is the full stance of this white moth, which didn't give me the privilege to see the red body. Most insects are said to be poisonous when they have very bright colors, and some butterflies mimic the red color to give a wrong impression to predators.

That is the color of its whole body, bright red. The hind wings even have those dramatic black dots, which complete the design to look big. Unfortunately, this one succumbed to its death, and the ants are their to get a share of it as their food. I wonder if this is the mate of the other one above which is still alive.

I've posted this in a lepidoptera group in FB and an authority identified it as Red Costate Tiger Moth, Aloa lactinea (Erebidae: Arctiinae).


  1. Hi! Very cute moth photos.I like the last photo very much. Thanks for sharing.

  2. came via bettyl's post. glad yr moth is not a white moth that eats cabbages.

  3. White moth with "racing stripes!" Beautiful photos!!! Have a grand day!

  4. It certainly is a bright color. Thanks for sharing this beauty.

  5. Kumusta, Andrea!
    I followed the link to your blogs and here I am :) I remember leaving a comment in one of your blog posts (your other blog) long ago and failed to keep in touch. Salamat at pinagtyagaan mong basahin ang Inside Cambodia. I have another blog - Sreisaat Adventures that I update from time to time.

    1. Actually, you are already in my bloglist in my other blog, years ago. But that time i didn't realize you are from here and i was not caught by your photos then, so i stopped following until this time that i realized you are from here. So i resumed reading. haha. thanks for coming over too.

  6. Awesome macro shots of the pretty moth!

  7. Now that is quite a moth...the bright red with the white is impressive....


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