Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Struggling Foreigner

A blogger friend from Illinois is so kind enough to send me some bulbs of the Lily family. She is a grower of lilies, big and small, of different colors, species and varieties. And she is aptly named Lily also.

Being previously grown in a temperate country with winters and summers, this one among the many, is found to be acclimatizing nicely with our two seasons and our very hot dry season. It is suffering greatly, evidenced by the scraggly leaves and almost dying look. I was almost just waiting for it to dry completely and be convinced that it cannot tolerate our climate. But this dry season it surprised everyone with this lovely blooms and its lovely sweet scent. The individual flower stays open only for one day, but they take turns in opening. I just don't know yet if they behave like so in its climate of origin. I just know the scapes in its native land are as tall as 5 ft, yet here the scape is barely a foot tall. Nevertheless, i am so happy it shows us her beauty. I hope next year we will see a more acclimatized plant.

Crinum 'Ellen Bosanquest'


  1. Isn’t it interesting how some flowers only open for one day. Several years ago I had two hibiscus plans that did that. This lily is so pretty. Lovely color.

  2. It's beautiful! I think I know the Lily you're talking about. ;-) Looks like this Lily will do just fine in your climate--especially with your tender care while it settles in.


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