Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hoyas for March GBBD

I lost track of dates again! When i am busy the 15th of the month is sacrificed, that means i forget to post for GBBD. I am just reminded when i see a link in Facebook. So, i suddenly get busy with the blog and hurriedly do the post. This is not uncommon for me, actually that is my normal habit with regards to sharing my blooms for GBBD. I hope i will not be relegated to the end of the linkers again.

I will be posting all hoyas now, as they are more unique than my usual posts. This is a different blooming set now, as most of them are just flowering for the first time. They are bought as 1- or 2-node cuttings last year, and their good growth and adaptation to our very hot climate in my province, proved wonderful as you will observe with my photos.

 This is a normal Hoya crassicaulis umbel, and being my oldest hoya, has been blooming for 3 years! Above photo is its normal appearance. Upon opening the corolla are spread apart which revert a few  hours after opening. It opens at night and the above is the normal look in the morning.

 This one is real special. The corollas are not able to revert its whole life, because there are plenty of blooms bumping one another not leaving any space for the corollas to move backwards. But that is a very welcome condition,

Even the space for the peduncle  is very thick not allowing any of them to move. It is a perfect round umbel.

 This is Hoya buotii of the purplish form, this is also its first bloom.

Hoya buotii, the yellow form with its prominently displayed corona and very thick hairs on the corolla.

Individually, they are so elegant, look at those proud and thick corona! Isn't it lovely?

This is the plant, and it has 2 simultaneous open umbels with one following.

Hoya mindorensis is also in its first flowering. This is its first bloom.

After dropping the first blooms, another follow-up buds appear and they bloomed in succession. 

This is the 2nd bloom a few hours after opening. It is amazing how they change forms from opening, and sometimes change the hues among bloom successions. This is the species with the longest hairs on the corolla.

This one is also a prolific bloomer, buds appear immediately after dropping the previous one. However, this belongs to the small hoyas, as the umbel is only a few mellimeters more than an inch. It didn't open when i was at home last weekend. Anyway, i already watched them the first time of blooming. It now has many umbels growing on the newly forming long stems.

All of them prod me to go home more often than monthly. Next week, i will be back, hoping some blooms are still waiting for me.


  1. What amazing Hoyas! I had no idea that there were so many different varieties.

    1. Hi chloris, i think this is your first time here, thanks for the visit. Hoyas, yes, we have more than 100 endemic species from this country, the problem is many of them are already in the nurseries of foreigner-collectors!

  2. Such wonderful images. The diversity of those hoyas is amazing.

  3. These hoyas are fascinating flowers! So beautiful and special! Wonderful photos!

  4. What a grand Hoya presentation. I wish we could smell them.

    1. Thanks so much Jean. Yes they are mostly scented but i have to go there at night with flashlight. But you will laugh at this: i tasted all their nectars to compare which is more tasty!

  5. I absolutely adore when you post these wonderful unusual and lovely

  6. You certainly have changed my views on Hoya's - I'm so used to just seeing a white houseplant trailing one with small leaves and it was only once you started sharing your shots on FB that my interest developed. I see nectar sucking is a pastime of yours too Andrea! I've never been brave enough to do it with the honeysuckle in my garden.


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