Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dear Old Pusa

"Pusa" is the local term for cat. Calling your pet as its generic name is a "very creative (LOL) way" to call it. But when my nephew was small he always call it that, and it remained to be that, Pusa. She also knows that is her name.

Can you see any unusual 'something' with her today? She is trying to play with me, but she is not as agile as she used to. She can't just jump, or turn herself as quick as she wants to. She can't even run! And i wonder why she doesn't want to eat more, eats only a little, when she should be eating more than normal.

 Look at her teats, they are now open and ready.

 she tries to stretch her belly more

 I guess she has difficult time....

...because in a little while she will deliver her babies. Can you guess how many cuties will she produce?

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  1. Oh, my! Kittens! I can't wait ... and I bet Pusa can't either!

  2. Aww, her belly is so big. Three babies, I guess :)

  3. Soon, she will be a proud momma! Cute photos!

  4. She's so sweet. Hope we get to see her babies.

  5. She's very big. I guess she'll have four babies. I hope we get to see pics of them soon.

  6. Good luck to her! We had a cat called Cat when I was growing up.

    1. Hahaha, we are both very creative when it comes to names!

    2. I have two dog! The male dog called "Chim" (it mean bird ) and the female dog called " Buom Buom" ( it mean Butterfly)! I have a hen called "cho" (dog), she always think she is a dog when she live with dogs. But now she accept she is a hen after my mother bought a rooster!

  7. Hard to believe so many cute kitties are inside her little belly

  8. Looks like she's ready to have her kitties, I'm guess 4.

  9. I would guess four.

  10. Oh :)
    forse 6 ?
    Spero tutti in salute :))
    Dolcissima mamma !!!


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