Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Critters

"Be good to me, or I am ready to sting", says this black creature which probably thinks i am preying on him because the black thing i have is much too bigger than itself.  I've been trying to come nearer to get a more close-up shot, but it suddenly made this posture. It is braver than this very big creature in front of him, as i stepped back, stopped and just got contented with my previous shot. I got only one, but that is enough. I had a few shares of sting in the past, and i am not ready to have one just yet. To say that i don't even know its name.

You won, you won! I admit I am very scared of you.

Camera Critters Meme


  1. It looks like a wasp of some sort. It's very handsome in black!

  2. It does look like a wasp, a new color for me. Neat critter for your post. Have a happy day!

  3. sure looks scary, but i really like the photo of the critter.

    happy sunday!:)

  4. Yes, better not get too close to this kind of c ritter!

  5. lol, but it looks like a fly to me. :)


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