Monday, February 18, 2013

First Cactus Bloom

This is my first time to see the flower of Haworthia attenuata. The spike is more than two feet in length and the flowers open consecutively. They finished blooming in 3 weeks. The individual flowers are only more than 1cm in length. I scrutinized the morphology of the flower, as i cannot decipher where the stigma and pollens are! When there are only 2 flowers left at the tip of the spike, i physically removed the petals, to peep inside that small throat, and there way below the opened parts are the reproductive parts. Actually, very small ants led me there. I saw them entering that throat, i guessed they are getting something sweet inside it. 

It is elegant on its own, viewed individually like this.

The flowering Haworthia attenuata. I peeped underneath and 2 suckers are now growing. I am so glad with my new acquaintances. 


  1. Great photos of your Haworthia and flower. Plants a re fascinating aren't they. It's amazing how a plant like this has small delicate flowers.

  2. Love the cactus bloom. Thanks for sending a little spring!

  3. That is one very dramatic looking plant....I love the pattern of the this related to an aloe vera? Beautiful blossom.

  4. Amazing picture of the cactus flower.

  5. I don't think I have ever seen this plant is a great house plant here.

  6. That top shot is wonderful! Love the soft focus, bokeh background, detail/composition!!!

    1. Wow, thank you so much for your kind words. I am so honored, you enumerated all the aspects of a photo, haha!

  7. Very pretty little flower. I like the patterns on the leaves of the plant itself.

  8. Very pretty flower :). My mother-in-law bought me a similar looking spiny plant with no label several months ago. I searched the web for weeks, and finally found out it's a haworthia reinwardtii. It's a strange but happy little plant. It's made a few offshoots already.


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